Guy #167 – Twice you go black…

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not really into ebony. Call me a racist sexist, but black Guys to me are like women in the sense that I have considerable trouble getting hard in their company.

Unless of course someone is so unbelievably beautiful and good looking they make you forget about sexuality and preference, someone like Charlize Theron or Guy #167, the latter of which started touching me at this orgy the night I also met Guy #165, #166 and #168. The night in question was what I would later consider a peak in my sexuality, much like Toxic was a peak in Britney’s recording history.

Speaking of toxicity, Guy #167 and I started feeling each other up on a wave of XTC and GHB, easily the cornerstones of gay sex dating these days. I was standing on a balcony, smoking a cigarette with some other Guys, when Guy #167 sat down next to me and put his hand on my legs.

I instantly remembered the last time I had done sexual stuff with a black Guy, seven years earlier, at a time when I knew nothing of drugs or orgies. At first I figured it was the drugs attracting me to this Guy, but a quick glance at Guy #167 taught me I ought to consider myself lucky to be getting attention from him at all. He was a muscled hunk. I was a skinny sag of insecurity by comparison.

Fortunately there were drugs involved.

To say drugs smooth seduction is like saying air enables breathing. Guy #167 and I communicated through our physicality and quickly established we were into each other, found our own spot in a room filled with over a dozen Guys doing the same and had some good old fashioned gay fun for a while, and again a while later…and perhaps another time after that. I don’t remember exactly.

As we were making out in a bathroom I looked at the reflection of us doing so in a mirror. Part of me had wondered if maybe I was having sex with Guy #167 because the drugs had gotten me high to the point Bea Arthur’s voice would have turned me on. However when I looked at us in the mirror I had trouble fathoming just how incredibly beautiful Guy #167 really was.

But that’s the thing: Even when you realize you’re on drugs you’re still on drugs. Just because you know the world is beautiful because you took a pill doesn’t actually make it beautiful, even when you know it does.

Objectively speaking, Guy #167 was one of the most beautiful people I ever had sex with. He was also a black Guy, something I tend not to be attracted to when I’m sober.

I would have liked to meet Guy #167 on a wave of sobriety, but as is so often the case with people you meet at orgies, you only meet them at orgies.

I ran into Guy #167 a number of times since the night we met. We’d fool around a little each time, simply because he has the kind of beauty I’d feel spoiled for resisting. I never met him sober, though. Seeing as he comes with a caring and sensitive personality that neatly contrasts his manly appearance, it would be interesting to see if the caring sensitivity wears off when the drugs do.

Because a lot tends to wear off when the drugs do, something I didn’t know yet the night I had sex with Guy #167. Like that first time I had sex with a black Guy, the only way was still up for me. Seven years earlier I had a one-time thing with a black Guy just to try it out. It was a time of exploration and excitement. Now, seven years later, I was still busy exploring uncharted territory. When you’re on XTC and in a room with 20 good looking Guys who took the same pill you did, you’re basically king of the world in a world full of kings. That, in and of itself, is an experience I wish upon everyone.

Being king of the world in a world full of queens however is a completely different thing. The gay scene consists of grown men acting like teenagers because they were deprived of doing so when they were teenagers. It’s great when you’re high, but it’s unforgivably harsh when you find yourself surrounded by people chasing that high, even more when you start chasing it as well.

I suppose the nicest thing about meeting Guys #165, #166, #167 and #168 was that I didn’t know any of this yet. The night I met Guy #167 I was mostly just excited I got to have sex with the most beautiful black Guy I had ever seen.

The night of Guy #167 happened about five months after I started It seemed fitting I would pass the actual 168-mark on what was easily my wildest night in terms of sexual exploration.

What I didn’t know was that the fun part of exploring was about to come to an end.

Relationship summary:

LENGTH: A few hours or something
FORMAT: Orgy hook-up
SEX SCORE (0 = Bea Arthur’s voice <–> 10 = The best sex ever): 9

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  1. drugs, sex… fuck I should have to party with you, quite some time ago that part of my life is gone, except the sex. You do know the saying” once you go black you don’t come back”. I actually painted me black to see what was the reaction with the girls, not a very good idea it was.

    1. Well, I suppose it’s safe to say I’ve done my share of partying, or that I at least had a number of good nights in my lifetime…truth be told, your paint-it-black idea sounds a bit weird, but definitely something worthy of a blog post of its own! You would definitely score points for humor with me.

      1. I’m a funny guy, I can also get serious like this which I’m writing and listening and at the same time making my cool dinner wich consist of pasta with tomato and some meat, like more of the days really,
        hold it, and I know your not gonna like it, but I’m being a humanitarian so I send you this music that is brilliant I think, I have a range of musics that I hear, so……hit it!

    2. My god, thank you so much for that music video! Easily the best cover of one of my favorite songs of all time, and both cello players are way hotter than the original Maximus, though that’s far from their best quality. Seriously, thanks so much for sharing. It’s one of those videos that I just had to keep watching from beginning to end…which is saying something these days.

      as for the reference to the parties…you’re not really a priest, are you?;)

      1. I can’t say they are hot or not, as a straight guy I can say they are good looking people, and yes I’m a priest…. wink winki winking here, it would be kind of boring to be a priest, but at the same time I do believ in the MAN upstairs, he keeps me in the right path most of the time, also in my party days, come on bro, you could never keep up with me, I was Charly the Marty!!!

  2. Beautifully written and very insightful, wonderful post. Plus, some great lines sure to become classics like Bea Arthur’s voice, and being a king in a world of queens!! Keep writing, don’t stop at Guy #168.

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