Guy #92 – Ode to my genitals…


This post is entitled Ode to my genitals…, but a more honest title would have been World’s Best Blowjob.

Going down on a Guy’s genitals is like playing the piano: Not everybody is equally talented. Like making music, the act of oral sex is a product of instinct as much as technique. Combining mouth, lips, tongue, head, hands and even teeth to produce an animalistic yet coherent pleasure inducing ode to one’s penis can result in anything ranging from a timeless masterpiece to a painful Idols audition.

Blowwise Guy #92 was like Beethoven on acid.
That’s a compliment.

Guy #92 started off a bit shy, careful to expose himself and his body. Instead he made sure the sex focused on me and my body. He even kept on his clothes on our first date (after taking mine off).
I needed a moment to adjust to that. Being raised in a world where politeness is considered a virtue I always treated sex as a game of give and take, not take and take. With Guy #92 however, my center was the only center of attention.

Receiving pleasure is often more difficult than giving it. I felt guilty for my own passiveness, even though Guy #92 clearly didn’t expect more from me than my enjoyment.

Fortunately, the guilt stopped when Guy #92 started playing my piano.

Anyone capable of finding words to describe Beethoven’s Ode to Freedom might be able to do justice to Guy #92’s Ode to my Genitals. I for one lack the vocabulary to verbalize that kind of music.

As time went by, Guy #92 slowly allowed himself to become more naked in my presence, even allowing me to give something back after a while. Still, he was always the type that likes to serve. All I had to do was grant him the pleasure that was me. It felt odd thinking of myself as a ‘piece of pleasure’, but once I submitted to the format of our combined sexualities I was able to enjoy Guy #92 as I would music, passionate, liberating and extremely good looking music.

A lot of people have trouble accepting generosity. They confuse acceptance with greed. In the case of Guy #92 I learned that allowing someone’s generosity can be the most generous thing one can do.



Relationship summary:

LENGTH: 5 years and counting
FORMAT: Friendship with occasional benefits
SEX SCORE (0 = Beethoven’s temper <–> 10 = The best sex ever): 9.6

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