When I started 168guys.com I did so under the assumption I was an expert on gay culture. With over 150 Guys under my belt, what else was there to learn?

Then came the day I met the eponymous Guy #168, the day I discovered orgy culture, a world where homosexuality is celebrated in all its extremities and where casual sex flows on waves of drugs that make the experience anything but casual.

One year and nearly a hundred Guys later I am more at odds with sex, love and dating than I was when I stepped out of my closet.

At the same time I learned that issues are what binds us more than perfection, that confusion, insecurity, clumsiness, loneliness and a restless search for perfection are quite common in the gay scene.

So instead of limiting 168guys.com to a collection of short stories, the story of Guy #168 inspired me to write a book, offering you a peek into the world of gays, drugs, orgies, lust, despair, jealousy, passion, addiction, hurt, pain, joy, ecstasy and yes, even love.

More updates will follow, but for now, I’ll leave you with the title:

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