That time I told my mother-in-law about that orgy I went to…

On Tuesday, November 19, I had the pleasure of being on stage at The Hague’s Zaal 3 theater. As part of the line-up of “Verhoeven doet buurtonderzoek” (a Dutch series of shows), I spoke a bit about and how it tells the story of every Guy I ever had sex with.

And then I read the story of Guy #166.

For those of you who don’t know the story yet, it’s about an awkward sexual encounter at an orgy.

Reading about orgies is an interesting experience in and of itself. What made it fascinating was the fact my mother-in-law was sitting in the audience. tells the story of every Guy I ever had sex with in chronological order. I’m currently writing the story of Guy #213, and one would be forgiven for thinking I still engage in orgies every weekend.

These days however I don’t live the slut lifestyle anymore. In fact, I now find myself in a very loving relationship, the first time that ever happened to me.

Instead of going to orgies to meet many Guys, these days I go to IKEA with one Guy, and I’m loving it.

The past is still what it is though, and me being open about my sex life as I am means my in-laws are privy to my past as much as anyone.

And so it happened last Tuesday I read the story of that orgy I went to a few years ago, knowing all too well my mother-in-law was there to hear it.

To hear it too, watch the video below!

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