Guy #164 – Attractiveness means nothing. And everything.

Here’s the thing with being attractive: It doesn’t really mean anything. And it means everything. Attractiveness is a conflict in and of itself. In many ways I feel I’ve been blessed with my looks, as I generally receive decent amounts of attention from Guys. At the same time I get rejected all the time. While […]

Guy #106 – Damn that beauty…

It is said that looks don’t matter. This is of course the biggest lie since Bill Clinton did not have sexual relations with that woman. Looks can fuel a crush as much as cigars can define a presidency. In terms of hormones, Guy #106 to date has been the only Guy to get me hard […]

Guy #91 – Abs and brains.

People reading this blog probably would’t think of me as the relationship type. The format of my relationships is overtly sexual most of the time. While I’m open to the possibility of a commitment, the thing I’m actively looking for is a connection in any way, shape or form or position. I met Guy #168 […]

Guy #22 – My looks matter too…

        It can’t be denied some of the guys you find on Craigslist are hot. Guy #22 was one of those guys. In fact, he was the hottest guy I had ever been with up till then. And I was already at a point where that meant something. At first I considered […]

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