Guy #144 – Having an actual relationship…

The closest thing I ever got to having a relationship was going through an actual relationship with Guy #144. More precisely, a relationship with Guy #144 and his mother. The first time I met Guy #144 was on a sex date at his place. He lived with his mother as it turned out, who I […]

Guy #82 – Fast Food Sushi.

Guy #82’s first words were hi. And I was going to let him. We didn’t speak much afterwards. Which makes telling the story of me and Guy #82 a bit difficult. There’s not much to tell. Sometimes you just have sex with a random stranger you run into. I believe Guy #82 was quite an […]

Guy #81 – Nearer to God… (Part 2)

This one time Guy #81 took me to a meeting for Jehovah’s witnesses. Faith had always been an essential part of his life and I was very curious to learn more about his religion. He called it a meeting, but it was really a hangar filled with thousands of Jehovah’s witnesses. Entire families attended this […]

Six weeks of celibacy…

      If you leave home for a long time, home will not change much during your absence. You will. When I entered the living room of my mother’s house for the first time in two and a half years, it was filled with family, friends and former colleagues. My mother had thrown me […]

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